Customized Case Covers

We deliver a USB Drive of your photos and/or videos in a personalized USB Case complete with an engraved USB Drive. USB Cases are square sized with the ability to hold 1 or 2 USB Drives.

Our USB Case includes a magnetic closure to keep your case closed. Each case is printed with vibrant colors and tones with a slightly textured, matte finish.

Engraved USB Drives

Elegance. Performance. Class. The new Crystal flash drive is our most popular customizable USB drive. It is timeless and fully customizable with various color caps and a sub-surface laser engraving.

Top Colors

Metal USB

Our Engraved Metal USB Drives are black anodized aluminum with cream-colored engraving on one or both sides of the drive.


The inside of our USB Cases contain a neoprene-like foam holder for 1 or 2 USB Drives. Each USB Case is finished with a magnetic closure.

Take Your Photo & Video with you Anywhere!

Take your case with you and play it on any digital platform. This is the opportunity to show off your priceless memories.

Share your photography or video on social media by simply transferring it from the USB drive to your laptop or desktop computer.

Just don’t forget to keep your custom case as the ultimate statement piece.

Sizes and Pricing

Prices are per USB Case. Price break applies to 2+ copies of the same USB Case.

USB Case (with 1 or 2 USB determined by SDS) – $599

Want an extra USB Key for ‘backup’?

(1) Crystal USB Drive – $99

(1) Metal USB Drive – $79